We will be attending a photography workshop with Sapna Reddy called “Beauty of the Bayou”.  From her website:

Discover the beauty of the Bayou in a workshop experience that is uniquely captivating. Gliding amongst giant cypress trees hundreds of years old,  branches decked with colorful foliage and adorned by the gossamer of hanging moss. As mist  rises from the water of the flooded forest it creates an ethereal landscape with innumerable photographic opportunities. Soft light filtering through the branches, reflections dancing in the calm waters, the sense of serenity of this landscape is unparalleled. 

We will be in time to witness the autumn glory as the myriad hues of the season fill the landscape with vibrance. There is a plethora of wildlife with 65 different species of amphibians and reptiles, 250 species of birds including the majestic Bald eagle. Each day we will be exploring a different location.