Costa Rica – November 2022

(photo of Shining Honeycreeper by Cindy Marple)

  1. Day 1/ Sun. Oct 30th San Jose. Arrival day. Private transfers from the Airport to our Hotel in San Jose. Overnight at Garden Hilton, San Jose.
  2. Day 2/ Mon. Oct 31st San Jos  – Laguna Lagarto. Moving from San Jose to our first destination, located on the lowlands of the, get ready for the first shots of the most amazing tropical bird. We will spend the afternoon shooting at our lodge. 
  3. Day 3/ Tue. Nov 1st Laguna full day. Our Lodge has an amazing photography deck, birds like toucans, aracaris, tanagers, oropendolas, are just some of the birds we will have the opportunity to photograph. Midmorning we will get ready for the king vulture hide. We will get back at the lodge for lunch, and to spend the rest of the afternoon at the tropical birds deck. After dinner we enjoy a bats in flight session. 
  4. Day 4/ Wed. Nov 2nd Laguna Lagarto – Sarapiqui area. We will depart right after breakfast for a full day shooting frogs and snakes, we will get no less than 6 species of those amazing creatures, including the most iconic ones like the Red-eyed Tree-frog and the famous Eyelash Viper (yellow morph).
  5. Day 5/ Thu. Nov 3rd Sarapiqui area full day. Another awesome day at the Costa Rica’s Rainforest, today we will meet an amazing naturalist, at his place we will photograph about 10-15 new species of birds including about 5 hummingbirds, white bats, owls and much more.
  6. Day 6/ Fri. Nov 4th Sarapqui – Paraiso Quetzal. Time to change destination, today we will go to the cloud forest of Costa Rica, home of the Resplendent Quetzal. At our arrival we will enjoy a great lunch to then continue with a hummingbirds in flight session.
  7. Day 7/ Sat. Nov 5th Paraiso Quetzal full day (Quetzals all day) remember that this is the BEST TIME OF THE YEAR for Quetzals in perches with clean Backgrounds. In between the Quetzal activities we will have a hummingbirds in flight session at Paraiso de Quetzal.
  8. Day 8/ Sun. Nov 6th Paraiso de Quetzal We will stay in the area, and we will go to shoot some amazing species, we will start with some highland birds such as Timberline Wren, Flame-throated Warbler, etc. Then we will go to an amazing setup area to shoot Chlorophonias, Euphonias, Emerald Toucanet, Sulphur-winged Parakeet and many more amazing species including different (new) species of hummingbirds.
  9. Day 9/ Mon. Nov 7th Paraiso de Quetzal – Tarcoles area. Now we will keep moving, our next destination is located at the Mid-Pacific area, we will spend the day with Alvaro, a local naturalist and, this time dedicated to specific targets such as Trogons, Long-tail Manakin, Motmot (this time of the year with full tails) large Woodpeckers among others. At night we will go shooting some owls and the amazing Common Potoo.
  10. Day 10/ Tue. Nov 8th Tarcoles area full day. Overnight at Cerro Lodge. Today we will drive to Manuel Antonio National Park, an amazing place full of monkeys, agouties, iguanas, sloths, and many more awesome animals to photograph