Jeff Headshot

Jeff Dannay is a travel and landscape photographer from Scottsdale, Arizona who captures the innate beauty of a country through portraiture, architecture, and its landscapes. He is drawn to areas that have been unaffected by modernization, focusing on its natural beauty and its people. He has always loved traveling, but while on sabbatical a few years ago, Jeff severely caught the travel bug with visits all around the world including many of the United Sates national parks, Kenya, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam Thailand, Spain, Italy, and France. He is an avid travel blogger writing about unique aspects of a culture while adding a dash of humor. 

Jeff Portrait in Escalante

Jeff combines his love for the land and its people with modern technology (trained mathematician and computer scientist) into beautiful photographs. He often combines advanced photographic techniques with various post-processing techniques to arrive at images that fully capture the beauty of his subject. He has been a photographer since 2012, winning numerous awards from publications such as Arizona Highways and the Massachusetts Audubon Society and exhibited at the Darkroom Gallery in Vermont. And, he received the 2016 PhotoShop World Guru Award for Photography and the 2023 PhotoShop World Guru Award for Best in Show. Additionally there was an article written in the October 2016 edition of the Photoshop User Magazine Page 15.

WorldPix Affiliate

He is a Photography Affiliate with WorldPix Inc., a growing charity with a goal “to help impoverished nations around the world by capturing their beauty through photographic images and returning the profits of those images back to causes within those countries.”  A gallery of his photos is featured on the WorldPix website: Jeff’s WorldPix Gallery.


Jeff is currently a member of the Phoenix Camera Club where he is the treasurer and one of directors on the board.


In his career, Jeff has been the founder, and president of a high-tech company where he managed growth from inception through his thirteen years at the helm. He has also been a director of consulting at a premier software company in Massachusetts.


Jeff holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He is also a graduate of New York Institute of Photography’s Complete Course in Professional Photography.

Where in the world has Jeff been? I’m working on going everywhere!