Photography Projects

There are a number of photography projects that I have been working on over the past couple of years. For me, a photography project centers around a subject to which I’ve been drawn to with the goal of capturing it in an interesting environment or light.  Unlike a spectacular landscape or unique architecture, these are subjects are often rather common place.  My goal is to capture them in a unique way. Photography projects are a way to keep my interests and talents challenged when my travels do not present the scenery that I enjoy capturing. 

I always have my eye open to capture a unique or beautiful example for each project area. They have become collections that I constantly curate. I am continually looking to improve each collection with something more unique or creative. 

My overarching goals are:

  1. Highlight the best captures in each project via an online gallery
  2. Eventually produce a book for each project area
  3. Continually challenge myself in new areas to locate project examples

These are my current projects.


Wherever I go, I am drawn to bicycles. I believe bicycles capture a dimension of the local culture.  When traveling abroad, the bicycle is often the key mode of transportation. In less affluent societies, they have a long life and develop personalities of their own. I find they often reflect the character of the owner.  

Iceland Churches

Initially, I thought the Iceland Churches were too simple. After several visits to Iceland, I fell in love with the contrast of the architectural simplicity with natural rugged environment. 


I have been exploring the capture of two different types of movement. The first being controlled movement of the camera on a still scene or a controlled blur to create a unique view that still has enough detail to convey the scene or subject.  The other type of movement is when the subject is moving. My goal then it to capture the subject clearly, but show the background blurred to capture the essence of the en. This takes quite a bit of practice with panning the camera to match the speed of the subject. 


I love trees with character or that help create a scene. A single tree can convey personality where as a group of trees can create patterns and depth.