I have a lot of gear. I shudder when I think about all the money spent over the years. Although camera gear may not be the most important part of photography, it is crucial to producing the best image file. I have to admit that I am a techie. I love camera gear, especially brand new camera gear. Over the years I have bought and re-bought many items. Below is a list of what I use now. I also try to give my reasoning behind each purchase.

Where I purchase my gear from:

  • B&H. I buy most of my gear from B&H, especially if it is camera body or lens. I get nervous that other non-camera companies sell grey market equipment. They have also just come up with a method to give a credit back for sales tax. Additionally most items are delivered in two to three days. For used equipment I have sold to B&H, given a fair price, though not as much as a private sale.
  • Amazon. Great place to purchase accessories such as: batteries, memory chips, hard drives, etc.
  • Really Right Stuff. Excellent but expensive tripods.
  • Gitzo: Great travel tripod.
  • MPB. Buy and sell used equipment. They are not speedy but the pricing for both purchases and sales are typically better than B&H.
  • Think Tank. My vendor of choice for camera bags.