Photography projects are a useful mechanism for keeping photography fresh and interesting. They often force me to take more photos (always a good thing!), spur on creativity, and keep photography top of mind. Unfortunately, I’m just like a lot of photographers, I lose focus (pun intended). There are times when photo shoot after shoot get monotonous, the same type of photo over and over. Having multiple projects on the backburner keeps me thinking about different things to shoot, always keeping an eye out for something I can add to my project collection. Sometimes the desired goal of a shoot becomes unattainable (great sunset shot over a mountain when there are an abundance of clouds). Switching to one of my projects allows me to get a potential winner out of a likely bust.

With all this in mind, I like to work on multiple projects at one. My overarching goals for a project are:

  1. Try for at least one usable photo for each project at each photo shoot
  2. Keep an online gallery of photos that is updated often (see below)
  3. Produce a book
  4. Submit to contests

It’s Beautiful Where I Live




Flocks of Birds


Bigger than Tweety Birds