Kathryn’s (almost the same as Jeff’s) Gear

The challenge of having a shared photography hobby is that it is not possible to shoot at the same time with the same gear. Since Jeff and I are competitive, we are often trying to one up the other with the same shot. This necessitates a duplication of almost every piece of equipment (and why I copied  Jeff’s Gear page). Yes, this makes our hobby even more expensive. 

While Jeff likes to experience the latest and greatest, I take a more conservative approach. I had believe that you don’t need new gear until you realize the limitations of what you have. So I upgrade my equipment when I realize it is holding me back (or when Jeff decides to upgrade and I get his hand me downs). Also, being of smaller stature, I need to think about what I can realistically carry and use.

Below is a list of what I currently use: 

We purchase my gear from:

  • B&H.  We buy most of our gear from B&H, especially if it is camera body or lens. 
  • Amazon. Great place to purchase accessories such as: batteries, memory chips, hard drives, etc.
  • Really Right Stuff. Excellent but expensive tripods.