We keep telling ourselves that we are landscape photographers.  We like the great expanse of a scenic landscape.  However, every once in a while we come across something unique that is outside our normal comfort zone. We read about “The House On Fire” as a good photographic spot that happened to be on our way to Moab. A cross between scenery and architecture (it does say “house”) this seemed to be a good way to get the photography trip started.


Jeff and Kathryn Dannay amidst Pueblo Ruins (before the sun came out)

Getting to the “house” is a short hike down the southern arm of Mule Canyon in southeastern Utah. The canyon offers the opportunity to view several ancient Pueblo ruins. Purported to be over 800 years old, this one is, perhaps, the most famous. The only ingredient needed to make the shot perfect is a sunny day. Which we did not have as it was very cloudy when we got up.  It stayed cloudy the entire drive to Mule Canyon, and through our hike to the “house.”  Then, just before we packed up to leave disappointed, the sun came out for 30 minutes.  The “house” lit up! For when the sun is just right, the rays refract off the stone and seem to ignite the rock ceiling into flames.


House on Fire

What do you think, is the house on fire?