Just to get the shot!

If you knew you had an 8 hour drive ahead of you, would you drive an hour in the opposite direction just to get a photo?

Yep, that is exactly what we did. Here’s the shot:

The Blue Hour at Dead Horse Point State Park

The Blue Hour at Dead Horse Point State Park

Was it worth it?

If you have followed along with us on our recent trip, you have realized that to get “the shot”, we will get up at an inhuman hour, perch on the edge of a canyon, scramble up steep ravines and rock faces, drives miles on a dirt road in the remote wilderness, squeeze into a narrow slot, battle goblins, and drive into the clouds. And we will also do the illogical – like drive in the opposite direction from our destination.

It has been a great trip and we hope you enjoyed it with us.

If you missed a post and its amazing photos, here’s the recap:

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Our Yearly Pilgrimage – See the Toadstools in amazing light. Storms do have their beauty.

Secret Canyon – Shhh it’s a secret – Who would think rock could glow purple, red, orange and gold?

Perched on the Edge – Going to the literal edge to get the best shot.

The Great Ascent – A tough hike to explore Yellow Rock, a mountain of color and texture.

Candy Land – Transported to the board game of CandyLand – Exploring Amazing Rock Shapes & Colors

Nightmares at Spooky Canyon – Ghosts (?) in a very narrow slot canyon. Are you claustrophobic? I am!

Rock & Swiss Cheese Sandwich – Exploring two gorgeous gorges!

Escalante to Moab – What a Ride! – From sunrise across the canyon, to a forest of aspens, to canyon walls and then goblins, see the photos of our trek to Moab

Scouting – The making of a great photo – See what it takes to find that perfect spot!

I shot a Goblin  – Faced with a Valley of Goblins, we had not choice but to shoot.

Fisher Towers – Demonstrating it’s all about the light.

And as always, you’ll notice the theme through all the stories, “it’s all about the light”.