Venice is a great place to get lost. Since I excel at getting lost, Venice is my kind of city. As we walked the streets, turning left or right down some once secret alley, we would come across an interesting find. This is a photographer’s dream, discovering little and big jewels, waiting to be photographed. One morning the early morning fog dissipated to a light mist with a hint of sun peeking through. The light on everything looked amazing which was our cue to get out and walk the city – destination unknown.

Photographing gondolas lined up with a beautiful building in the background was the photo I most wanted. With all the fog, no building in the background can be seen. Still, the gondolas look quite interesting on their own.  Hopefully, the next morning will be without fog.

Cool, misty sunrise saturates the colors. The long exposure blurs the gondolas giving a sense of motion – and mood.

As we crossed one of the 391 bridges, Kathryn noticed beautiful light spilling onto a building side and onto a canal. We stopped and waited for a gondola and gondolier to pass through the light. What resulted was gorgeous.  We went back the next day and the day after that hoping to reshoot this scene. No luck as the light was never quite the same. It’s good we captured the images when we could.

Beautiful light attracts a photographer like a moth to a flame.

Down one cobblestone road to another and another again, we came across a small pier. It would not be too interesting except for the lantern.

Confession: there was a police boat that I removed.

The Grand Canal is usually packed with water taxis, water busses, and water trucks. Rarely is it devoid of action. For a brief moment all traffic was gone except this lonely gondolier. Perhaps, there were many other boats shielded by the fog. I like to think he was alone, enjoying the miracle of solitude on the Grand Canal.

Fog conceals many distractions.

The fog has lifted, and the mist mostly gone when we crossed yet another bridge.  Looking right, this canal displayed moodiness, if a canal can do such a thing.

We kept walking and walking. One never knows what one will see while walking the cobblestone streets of Venice. An interesting looking dog was sitting near its master. As I walked by this dog, he looked like he wanted a selfie. Since dogs can’t do this sort of thing, I asked its master if I could take the dog’s photo. He said, “Si”. Good thing I studied my Italian on the plane trip over.

I portioned myself to get the yellow buildings in the background. To me, this says Venice.

We have been wandering for a few hours, our feet sore, and our bellies empty. It was time to find our way to a cafe, order and Aperol Spritz, and eat a pizza.

Ah, Venice truly is a great place to get lost!