The Page area of Arizona is rich with unusual rock formations and striations of numerous colors. It is a “landscape photographer’s” paradise. You had a chance to see photos from Horseshoe Bend and Little Cut. A little further out of Page, just over the Utah border, is a place called Paria Rim Rocks or “Toadstools”. These rocks are the result of erosion where the top layer is a just a little bit more resistant to erosion than the sandstone beneath.

Toadstool or Extra-Terrestrial?

A mile hike through a winding, sandy wash takes one to another world… full of Toadstools and other rock and sand formations that make one wonder, “am I still in Utah?”


ET overlooking Rachel and Jeff


Small family of Toadstools tucked on the side of a canyon

Yes, plants do grow here… albeit, in limited fashion

2015-05-20 Toadstools-103 3

Rachel contemplating life on Mars

Since it is all about the the light, as the light faded, so did our extra planetary adventure.  Back to the real world of Page, Arizona.