When you think of Cape Cod, what comes to mind?

Is it endless walks along sandy beaches? Maybe kids playing in the ocean surf? Could it be a picturesque fishing village? Or boats moored in the mist? And definitely, crowds and crowds of tourists!

Today, we had none of that. Instead, we spent the day in a swamp, alone, where it was dark, dank, and deliciously photogenic. As we walked the boardwalk through the swamp, I kept imagining a scene from Star Wars, where Luke was searching for the Jedi master, Yoda, on the distant planet of Dagobah.

Boardwalk through the swamp

Of course, Luke didn’t have the boardwalk to make the trek easy

Although we never met up with Yoda, we deemed our visit successful. We demonstrated our prowess by capturing the mood and feel of the swamp through our photography.

Just before we reached the swamp we were greeted by these dancing ladies, or were they sirens?

Almost everything was green, either leaves or moss, except for one brown tree.

“X” marks the spot. Too bad there was no treasure.

Do you now think we are Jedi Photographers?