A photography vacation starts months in advance – researching the area to determine “the best places to shoot.” We start with the iconic shots such as the Golden Gate Bridge for Landscape and the Transamerica Building for Architecture. These large items are easy to research (and easy to find).  It’s the smaller items that take detailed research or a lot of walking around.  It’s the walking around “street shooting” where we hope to stumble across something a little different – A unique angle, event or person that captures a different dimension of the city. (See The Streets of Boston article).

So, instead of shooting the archway into China Town, there is street art that is a bit more fun.


Street Art in Chinatown

Or interesting stairways where a guard told us that we couldn’t take pictures.  He wasn’t packing so we decided to live on the wild side.


Stairway at Three Embarcadero Center

Sometimes it’s a shape that catches our eye:


Looking up at Embarcadero Center

Or a reflection…

Ferry Building Reflecting in Future Ice Rink

Ferry Building Reflecting in Future Ice Rink; Bay Bridge in the Background

Or interloping in an Indian Wedding. They were outside on a public street, so we invited ourselves for a few moments.

Colorful Dresses at an Indian Wedding

Colorful Dresses at an Indian Wedding

Every city has its unique charms.  The goal of a street shooter is to find them.  After many miles on feet, I think we found them in San Fran.