Who would have thunk it? That the peak fall colors would be in early November in Yosemite?


Sunlight filtering through the gold leaves of an old oak.

Luck was with us – after visiting New Hampshire near peak in October, we were blessed with the golden colors of fall in Yosemite.

2014-11-07 Yosemite PM-013

Valley colors contrasted against the tall pines

No, the leaves are not as colorful as New England which has color ranging from yellows, to oranges, rusts and reds. BUT in the early morning and late afternoon the yellows and golds pop out of the dark woods in the valley.

2014-11-07 Yosemite PM-023

Colorful Black Oak against the granite walls of the valley

They also glow in the reflections in the water.


Reflections of gold in the Merced River

Color and light…. but its really all about the light.