Hiking to The Wave, Part 2: Sand Cove

Since we had visited The Wave the first time back in November of 2012, we had learned that there was so much more in the area. Upon winning the lottery again this year, we vowed to test our endurance and navigation abilities to search out these special wilderness sites.

Stumbling on TheWave.Info was our ticket to try the hiking loop that included: Fatali’s Boneyard , The Sand Cove, The Second Wave and the (original) Wave.

Armed with our new GPS application and the GPS track, our confidence increased and we were off.

Due to winter shadows on The Wave (and The Second Wave area), we opted to try the loop in reverse hoping for sun by the time we arrived. If you haven’t read our post regarding the first stop at the Boneyard,  you won’t want to miss it.

After an hour exploring the Boneyard, we were a little disappointed when we stumbled upon our next stop: Sand Cove (literally stumbled upon as we were about to save our legs and go around the rock structure containing it).

Sand Cove from Above - cool, but lacking in "Wow" factor

Sand Cove from above – cool, but lacking in “Wow” factor

So I tried making the lines work for me:

A better angle, with the Boneyard on the distance hillside

A better angle, with the Boneyard on the distant hillside

Overall, I was not inspired until I looked at Jeff’s shot of the Olympic Rock Race:

You have to act quickly when shooting Olympic sporting events.

“You have to act quickly when shooting Olympic sporting events”, says Jeff.

Supposedly, Sand Cove is best the late afternoon light, but we had places to go and could not wait. As you can tell, it is all about the light.

Onward to The Second Wave – could it really be as good or better than the original?