These toadstools are not the edible variety nor are they poisonous either. Most of us think of mushrooms when we think of toadstools. But the kind of toadstools we photograph in northern Arizona are anything but what you’d fry up in a pan.


Beautiful contrast with the blue desert sky

Here, a toadstool is rock formation resulting from the underlying layer eroding a little faster than the upper layer. The result is a pillar of stone with a cap on top – sometimes looking like a mushroom, hence the name toadstool. These formations are not that common, but there a few areas here – outside of Page, where they can be discovered and explored.


I saw snuggling lions, while Jeff saw a husband and wife. What do you see?

On this trip, we explored a new area at Stud Horse Point (see our toadstool photos from the other day), and returned to what is becoming an old favorite (Paria Rim Rocks).  Each time we see new perspectives and recapture old favorites hoping for a better shot (after all we keep thinking we’re getting better).


The colors and textures are amazing… and check out that sky!

The contrast of stark white walls, red rocks, brown rocks and amazing blue sky create a statement and also lend themselves very nicely to Black and White photos.


Nice contrast in black and white, yes?


Our main draw to this area, is this famous Toadstool…  again hoping that our skills have improved since our last visit (or maybe the camera gear?).


Check out those leading lines and that amazing sky.

And as you know, each time the light is different and “it is all about the light”


Dannay’s at the Toadstools – thanks for keeping us company!