Hiking to The Wave, Part 3: The Second Wave

Departing from Sand Cove, we continued on our loop traversing up a sheer sandstone rock face (good thing Jeff wore his knee brace) and around on the edge of a few cliffs. Jeff, with his fear of heights, was quickly loosing his enthusiasm for this trek. Finally, as we crested the top we could see The Second Wave. It was much more beautiful than we imagined.


Beautiful Coloring of The Second Wave – OK, we were impressed

Who would have thought a frozen pond would be in the desert? Usually we think of waves on the water, but here we have water on the wave. Too bad we didn’t have room in our packs for our ice skates.


Of course it’s logical to have dunes and sand next to the wave, too bad we didn’t bring our ice skates for the pond of ice.

As the light shifted, the colors got richer.


Surfing the wave

But alas the time was ticking and the light was continually shifting… As we know it is all about the light so off we headed to the main attraction, The Wave. By now we’d been hiking for several hours and many miles. We were more than hungry. Jeff couldn’t resist a bite of “Hamburger Rock”.

Too bad it wasn’t gluten free, otherwise I would have joined him.

Tasty, but not satisfying, we continued on… more frozen ponds – we really should have brought our ice skates.


Enroute from one wave to another


The Brain Rock Formation behind the frozen pond

The colors on the rocks signaled we were getting close to our final destination, The Wave.


Amazing colors of The Wave area – a little dizzying

What would we find over the next butte?

How would the light be on the Wave?

Stay tuned for Hiking the Wave, Part 4: All about the light on The Wave.