Our Vancouver Sunset

We were set up to photograph the skyline of Vancouver. This was the one shot we wanted during our quick stopover on our way to Alaska. We had our sturdy tripods, high-end cameras, and high-end lenses. My goal was to shoot a multi-image panoramic that we can hang over our bed. With our test shots completed, we were ready for the show. 

The sunset time was schedule for 9:22, pretty late for us these days. As we waited, the sky got nicer and nicer. Then, at 9:18 the show began. Click-click-click. While we were doing our thing, a couple of young gentlemen (young, relative to me) stopped by and marveled at the scene. One of them said,”I should go back and get may camera!” The other, “you’ll never get back in time, this will be over in a couple of moments.” The first one, a bit dejected, said, “I guess I’ll just watch it.” “No,” said the second one, “use your iPhone. Remember, the best camera is the one you have with you!”

This is what he shot:

Photographed by Radek Koziol. Even without his best camera, he got the shot – a nice one too!

Here is a panoramic I shot (stitching 5 images together):

The Vancouver skyline may not be NYC, but is quite beautiful, especially with the clouds lit up so nicely.

The moral of the story? Just get the shot, no matter what camera you may have.

And, of course, it’s all about the light, Vancouver style!