Locked in the car at Palouse Falls

Palouse Falls is a spectacular waterfall in Southeast Washington, just beyond the Palouse region. One could say, it is in the middle of nowhere. We were fortunate to have stopped and captured this beautiful falls three years ago when we last visited the area.  Well, at least I did. My shot had received the requisite number of ooohs and aaaahs. I had nailed it.

Stunning Palouse Falls, 2014

Stunning Palouse Falls, 2014. You have to agree, I nailed it!

There really was no need to return.

But Jeff had not gotten the shot. So we made the long two-hour trek back to Palouse Falls for him to try again.

Upon arrival, I was promptly told, that since I had “the shot” and had talked about it incessantly, I could just sit in the car. Stunned, I sat for a moment as Rachel and Jeff got out. They turned back briefly… with a look.  “Beep”, Rachel locked the car. 

No worries. I would get even. I dug out the computer and starting working on this post.

After Jeff got his shot, I was allowed out of the car. I took my camera and bolted for the falls. Instead of just one shot, I had to one up Jeff. One image wouldn’t do, so I went for a panorama of three images. 

A three image panorama. Are 3 images better than one? Or did I nail it the first time?

And, just beyond the main falls, there is another falls. We were running out of time, so I wasn’t able to capture this one like I had hoped. I’m sure I’ll be hearing about how he nailed this one. 

Little Palouse Falls

We’ll have to just have to return again.

Remember, it’s all about the light and getting the the better shot 🙂