My name is Jeff and I fell in love with photography  (Sounds like an admission at photographer’s anonymous).  It took me a long time to get interested enough to by my first DSLR, just a few years ago.  ​I did a little research and ended up with a Nikon D90.  My wife and I were headed for a vacation (cruising the Mediterranean) and we needed a better camera than our phone.  I didn’t take any lessons or read about photography-craft.  How hard can it be to take pictures?  You just point the camera, focus (auto!) and shoot.  Well, after two weeks of a great vacation I had almost 2000 photos.  Success!  I am a photographer! I then whittled the pictures down to 200 and started showing my family and friends.  I was excited about all of my pictures.  I think my family and friends were too…

​Fast forward two years to nearly now.  I have taken classes, workshops, read copious articles and tutorials, practiced, been critiqued, and am hopefully a bit better.  Recently my wife asked me to look at the pictures from that cruise.  They were horrible.  All of them.  She laughed as she felt the same way.  When I look at the photos I have taken recently, I am much happier. I guess I have progressed.  And can’t wait until I do my next shoot!

PS. I am now shooting a Nikon D800 and loving it.​

Good shooting. ​