I wish I could say that was the last time

I said that last time, it became a pastime

With this being the last time to The Wave we wanted to add a new rock feature to our overall experience. In visits past we had already hiked to the Second Wave, Fatali’s Boneyard, and Sand Cove. With a tip from a local hiker we decided to tackle Melody Arch and the Alcove. The local hiker said, “it’s really easy to get to and not difficult at all.” That should have been a big red flag right there. “Just come out of the Wave, hike around to the right until you see the rock that looks like a big hamburger, head right until you get to the pine trees, then you are there! It’s only a quarter mile or so.” This sounded so easy. Over a mile later and up a knee-buckling ascent we arrived at a plateau. It was very cold and windy – where is the Mt Everest base camp?  We trudged onward looking for Melody Arch, it was nowhere to be seen. We are now about 4.5 miles into the hike and starting to get tired and hungry. Where is that hamburger the hiker had mentioned? Then we bumped into the Alcove. Kathryn says, “I hiked all this way for this? I’m not impressed!”

After a few moments in the Alcove, we both became quite impressed. The light bounced around making the area feel like a big slot canyon.

The heart of The Alcove showing off its yellows and purples [photo by Kathryn]

In this photo it looks like a red river encountering the sun’s rays. [photo by Kathryn]

Can you spot Big Bird? You never know what you will come across at The Alcove.

The Alcove is not some tiny rock formation – it’s huge! [photo by Kathryn]

Today’s Wave hike was wonderful as always, the rock formations amazing. However, our bodies are telling us this will be our fourth and final visit. It is our last time. Or is it a pastime?


Goodbye from The Wave


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