We haven’t blogged in awhile, been busy with a move, now trying to figure out a way to get back in the photography groove.

Exercise is not my thing. I love the results from exercise, improved heart health, weight loss, stomach reduction. All great things. But I am not fond of the actual experience of exercising, no breath, wobbly legs, sweating like a pig. And I challenge you to find anyone of your friends that truly likes this act. My closest friends abhor it. But, my wife loves it. That means I do too.

In that vain, every morning we try to jog or walk a 3+ miles. Over the last couple of years our route was neither pretty nor quiet. We would do our route because we needed the exercise and enjoying each other’s company, using the time to discuss the issues of the day. Lately there has been a lot to talk about. Although we did enjoy our time together, we really wanted an improvement to the environment.

Enter our new home.

Kathryn did what she does so well by mapping a route for us. It’s three miles winding through our new community. During our first walk, it was apparent that this environment was significantly better than our last. Now when Kathryn asks me if I want to go for a walk, I say yes without any hesitation.

This morning we decided to photograph some of the interesting things we see on our walk. We began just prior to sunrise. The weather was nice, mid-sixties with some clouds. We had not seen a cloud in weeks!

We make our first stop just over 1/3 mile into our route. That’s just six minutes until we get to this:

My first shot this morning. Imagine waking up to this scene?

Up the road a hundred feet I turn to the left to see this.

Imagine walking or running past this every morning! Then, at about the one mile point we get to  a scene that resembles old southwest, a weathered fence bracketed by majestic saguaros. I can imagine settlers from 100 years ago riding their horses down this path.

Just after sunrise we are fortunate that there are soft clouds in front of the sun, providing for wonderful light on the Saguaros.

A mile later I start to get hungry. I mention to Kathryn that I could really go for a taco. I’m loving this neighborhood.

I looked up the menu and options look great. I’ll make sure I stop by in the afternoon.

We now get to the home stretch of our journey and there is still much to see. We turn onto a 1/2 mile stretch of road that is partially shaded and replete with wildlife. Of course there are horses abound but less than a mile from home we have cows.

Steer clear of the steers. [photo by Kathryn]

“I want to be part of the herd”, the young cow said as he tried to scale the fence.  [photo by Kathryn]

A few steps down the road we come across remnants from the wild west. Or, perhaps children were playing cactus and Indians.

This poor cactus was minding its own business. Now it’s a remembrance of times past.

We make it back to our road, now It’s only 1/4 mile to get home. In front of a house that’s been around awhile there are decaying lanterns on each side of their driveway. Photographers love photographing building and objects in states of disrepair.

Who doesn’t like an old lantern? [photo by Kathryn]

As we approach our home we see neighbors in the distance. Not only are the neighbors out for their daily walk but some javelinas join in.

Javelinas can be nasty. This particular one has been charging neighbors out walking their dogs. We stayed a healthy distance away. [photo by Kathryn]

We arrive at home then noice activity in our large saguaro. This saguaro serves as an apartment house for local birds. It’s a transient place as birds come and go on a daily basis. Today we are treated to lovebirds.

A bird watcher’s dream. 

Our three-mile exercise has become food for our eyes. No lies, I have become a convert, now loving the exercise.

Thanks for traveling along and remember, it’s all about the light!