After being burned by our “leisurely” walk from Ravello to Amalfi, we were more than skeptical about the supposed new route to Portofino. Thirteen years ago this 3 mile walk along a very narrow road had almost ended our honeymoon as we plastered ourselves against a ledge to avoid being hit by oncoming traffic. Would the notes I had found online be true? Had they really extended the sidewalk from Santa Margarita to Portofino?

Starting out from Santa Margarita on the promenade by the bay, I was willing to gamble the marriage again with another adventurous walk (heck, I already got the best years from him).


A local watches us start our journey


Plenty of local character on this walk.

The first mile was definitely easy. A nice level sidewalk brought no complaints from Jeff. Then we hit the new boardwalk – basically, a planked sidewalk somehow strung next to the narrow roadway. Safe so far… At Paraggi, 1.8 miles into the walk, the boardwalk ended. A sign pointed to the hills, “recommended route”, it said. We had no choice but to head upward to the hillside above the roadway.


Jeff on the new boardwalk, just before it ended at the next turn.


A view from above the road looking back

Although hilly, the sidewalk on the hillside turned out to be quite pleasant, and we arrived in Portofino unscathed.


Beautiful Portofino from the water’s edge


Looking down across to Portofino


Awaiting the bus back to Santa Margarita – Walking one way was enough.

In hindsight, we should have taken the bus to Portofino and walked back as the light would have been better and the crowds fewer – because it is all about the light.