[excerpt from show introduction by Jeff, CEO of Rainforest Fashions]

Welcome to the Fall 2022 Avian Fashion Show, coming to you live from the steamy rainforests of Costa Rica. As you can imagine, there are nearly countless fashions within the rainforest. Today we are rolling out highlights of this fall’s fashion calendar, some of our most striking ever. Now I would like to hand off to our chief fashion designer so that she may bring you all the latest rainforest fashions.

[Robin Speaking]

Hello everyone, and welcome. My name is Robin, and I am happy to introduce our latest collection which we call our Avian Colors collection. Without further ado, here comes our first bird.

This Crimson-collared Tanager is in a power suit, accented in a bold red shade, showing how to take a board room by storm.

Crimson colored Tanager

Thank you, miss Crimson. Now Aqua Tanager is modelling for us an excellent example of subtle ombre’ with its dark to light teal feathering. This is a beautiful contrast with her black cap and bright red eye.

Aqua Tanager

Thank you Aqua! Modeling for us now is Red-legged honeycreeper with her dramatic bling, bright pink boots and turquoise beret. You might be thinking the pink is too much. But we love its sharp contrast with the blue pleated jacket.

Red-legged honeycreeper

Thank you, Honey. As Honey departs, White-necked Jacobin takes center stage with her beautiful, white fluted hem with black tips. Have you seen anything so daring on such a slender body?

White-tailed Emerald 

Thank you, Jacobin, you are dashing today! Here comes Turquoise-browed Motmot showing off her prismatic coloring. She likes to be cutting-edge with her racket-tipped tail, a nouveau fishtail.

Turquoise-browned Motmot

Thank you, Turquoise. Look everyone, Collared Trogan is here with her Avant-garde approach to colors and patterns. She is using bold striped tails with her multi-colored evening coat. Just fabulous!

Collared Trogan

We are now at our last model for the day, Scarlet Macaw.  She enters the arena demonstrating her version of color blocking, wings of red, yellow, and blue. Check out how she uses her bracelet as the perfect accessory.

Scarlet Macaw

This wraps up our show for today. Now, back to Jeff for a final word.

[Jeff Speaking]

Thank you all for attending our Fall 2022 Avian Fashion Show. I hope you enjoyed the spectacular colors.  Since today happens to be Black Friday, Rainforest Fashions is offering a one-time discount of 20% on any item. Just, give us a shout.


Jeff acknowledges the significant contributions of Jill Dannay in the writing of this post.