Our return visit to the colorful Barrio Viejo (in Tucson, AZ) did not disappoint. (For a look at our first visit, see “A Interview with a Homeless Person“. We did look for Mary, but she was no where to be found.) 

I don’t know which is more colorful, the bicycle or the home

The adobe style homes were just as colorful, but this time we headed straight to the most colorful street, Meyer Street. On our way, we stopped to meet a new friend, Greta, and enjoy a glass of wine. Greta is also an accomplished artist focusing mostly on painting. Her loft style home is also her studio and it was a delight to visit and enjoy her work.

I captured this beautiful door, before learning that this is Greta’s home.

Time slipped away from us as often does with a drink or two and a good conversation (photography, of course). By the time we hit the streets again, the sunlight was fading and our tummies were growling.

A little light in the right place adds character to this very blue wall

The soft glow of this porch light signals dusk is approaching

Heading to dinner I was able to catch the city aglow (or at least this cool skyscraper).

The last bit of sunlight lit up this skyscraper in downtown

The Next Morning.

Barrio Viejo is a neighborhood with streets running north to south, such that in the evening the east side is lit and in the morning the west side is lit.  In our continual search of the light and hoping to make up for missed opportunities the night before, we headed back to Meyer Street in the morning.

Agave abstracts

When we were finished, our thoughts turned to friends. We missed seeing our old friend Mary. Luckily, we more than made up for it with our new friend, Greta. They both live on the most colorful street of Tucson.

Remember, it’s all about the light and especially the color in Barrio Viejo.


To see Greta’s work, visit: Greta Ward’s website.