From our personal tragedy to a national tragedy to global tragedy we hope bring you some photos of peace and beauty during these uncertain times. Today, we bring you the Claret Cup cactus flower, native to our area of the world.

This is our third installment for our project, “It’s Beautiful Where We Live”. Here in Arizona we are following the lead of many other states. Beginning yesterday at 5:00pm we have been requested by the governor to stay at home. This will make landscape photography nearly impossible over the month as we endure to keep us safe.

While out for an afternoon walk, we took a slightly different route than normal and came across a Claret Cup cactus in full bloom. We rushed home, grabbed our cameras, and hastily made our way back to the cactus. Continuing our policy of practicing safe photography we made sure no one else was around. We had to work quickly because 5:00 was near. After taking many more photos than needed, we arrived home prior to 5:00pm.

The blooms interspersed with buds ready to burst makes for a beautiful scene.

The cactus was loaded with blooms, all at their peak.

Remember, it’s all about the light. And please stay safe.