Steve, our guide, and Jeff at the start of hike

Cornwall boasts of spectacular coastline scenery.  We couldn’t wait to check it out.

I’d arranged for a private guide for the day in hopes of photographing the rugged coast. We knew the light would not be perfect, but sometimes you just need to seize the opportunity and capture what is presented. I hoped we’d get lucky with both the scenery and the weather.

Steve, our guide, understood our request for “rugged coastline”, and we headed directly to the far reaches of southwest Cornwall.   To set expectations with Steve (and thinking that the coastal path was a level, groomed path), I mentioned we could comfortably trek for 5K with our loaded camera packs. Little did I know our walking path was anything but level, and it would involve scampering up and down some of the most difficult sections of the coastal path. Starting in Porthgwarra, we headed down to the water and then up to the cliffs making our way towards “lands end”. The scenery did not disappoint.


Trekking early in the day

Near Lands End on the Coastal Path

The scenery was spectacular, but since we’d not been hiking recently (let alone with our heavy camera gear), our bodies were grateful to complete our 5K trek. Steve never cracked a sweat. 

Heathered fields

Next up, the historical tin mines along the northwest coast of Cornwall, just north of Lands End. Another spectacular setting and perhaps, my favorite for the day. Of course there was some additional scampering around the ruins….

Historical Tin Mines

We continued onto yet another spectacular section of the coastline path, “rated the most difficult”, said Steve.  My poor, tired body was starting to complain, but I was not about to admit it. This is why we were here, and I certainly didn’t want to miss a shot.  After our trek, I now had bragging rights and my camera had a few (a lot) more photos.

I could not get enough of photos of the beautiful coastline

Earlier in the day, when he did not know what lay ahead, Jeff had put in the request to photograph a patchwork of old stone lined fields. Now, at the end of the day, what better way to finish our day then to capture the oldest pastures in Cornwall? (maybe in all of England as they dated back thousands of years.)

Steve had the perfect spot picked out. We would hike up a nearby mountain to gain the best view…. Really? Oh, yes!  Steve reminded us he was a certified mountain guide and up we went. I guess he didn’t realize that we were only certified cruisers. About half way (absolutely exhausted with our quads burning), Jeff and I stopped to discuss whether we were high enough for the desired photo. “I’ll make the decision for you,” said Steve, ” you need to go to the top.” End of discussion (and nearly the end of Steve), we continued the climb.

From high upon the hill, the ancient fields lay before us (photo by Jeff)

Although the light was not perfect, we made the most of our day and really enjoyed our coastal trekking with Steve.

Tomorrow would be a day of rest!

Remember, it’s all about the light.