Enroute to our northern destination to photograph polar bears, we overnighted in Winnipeg. Instead of just checking the box on our newly acquired province “Manitoba”, we hailed an Uber to explore downtown. Unlike my preparation for most trips, I had not researched the area. We were flying blind, but hopeful with cameras in hand.

The sun was shining and the temps were in the upper 30’s, a balmy October day in Winnipeg. 

Winnipeg is the capital (and largest city) of Manitoba. We headed for the historic areas, The Forks where the Red River and Assiniboine rivers intersect, and then off to the Exchange District which offered early 20th century brick architecture and a cool vibe. 

The Forks

A beautiful park area along the waterfront.

Behind the “Winnipeg” sign, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights dominates “The Forks” area.

The museum structure was a blending of glass, steel and cement where every angle is different. My thrill for capturing the abstract resulted in dozens of photos of which you are only subjected to one.


Forever Bicycles,  the dizzying artistic sculpture is not a result of camera shake. Me in the foreground. [photo by Jeff]

Up close to the Forever Bicycles you can see the 1254 bicycles that make up this structure.

Esplanade Riel, a pedestrian walkway that is a part of the Provencher Twin Bridges that crosses the Red River.


St. Boniface, built in 1818 and destroyed by fire in 1968 as workers were sprucing it up for the 150th anniversary celebration. Only the outer facade remained and still remains as a new church was built within the previous walls, a sign of resilience. 


The Exchange District

Graffiti in the Exchange District.

Artwork on the side of boxing gym


The Cube, reminiscent of the Star Trek Borg episodes complete with an individual enjoying Chinese food as his last meal before assimilation.

A view through The Cube, up close and abstract

Winnipeg is definitely one of the best kept secrets for art and architecture buffs. I love art, architecture and abstract patterns, and Winnipeg more than delivered.