It’s Black & White Time

The weather has been mostly cloudy with a bit of rain. Little did we realize that the Alaska coastline is part of one of the largest rain forests in the world.  Unfortunately, the clouds have also been low, mostly covering the mountains that line the coast. This also has an affect on our photography, looking at scenes that have white, grey and very pale green (water). Instead of trying to force a colorful photo, I switched to black & white. When in Rome.

The bergy bits (ice chunks in the water, smaller than icebergs) were quite interesting. Each one is unique with its own shape and size, constantly changing as they melt. Their place in the universe is in constant motion with the subtle ripples of the fjord and bumping into other bergy bits. I am also in motion as our cruise ship rises with the swells of the sea while slowly moving forward. This makes the scene in front of me ever-changing. If I see something that looks interesting, I had better shoot it immediately. Otherwise, in seconds, it will be gone for good.

Here are some of those not-so-colorful shots that I converted to black & white.

Three Bergy Bits

This bergy bit caught my attention with its groovy top.

I really like the mist hugging the mountain.

The multiple shades of grey caught my attention.

The birds are black, making this an easy choice for black and white.

There were several disappointing days due to the weather, but at least I could still shoot!

Remember, it’s all about the light.