Three times a year the Brimfield Antiques Fair comes to Brimfield, MA. Acres and acres of ordinary fields are converted into one of the largest antique and collectables shows in the U.S. hosting over 5,000 dealers.

Each time I look forward to spending a day poking around and visiting with my sister – who knows what treasures we might find? Jeff on the other hand, well, he’s back home. One visit in a life time was enough for him. Maybe its a just gal thing?

For me, walking the fields of dealers is an opportunity to go back in time to my childhood and beyond. There are old toys (flexible flyer sled anyone?), dishware, furniture, a pedal sewing machine, vintage clothing, magazines and records.  There may even be an old rotary dial phone. It’s like going on a scavenger hunt without knowing what is on the list to find.

I’ll find something unique and snap a shot with my iPhone and then send it to Jeff with a few words like, “something for the office”?  The response is always the same, “we don’t need it.” Maybe its a guy thing.

Each year I bring the camera hoping to find something interesting to shoot. Last time was a bust (literally).

This year’s focus was to shoot in tight – looking for character. This fellow was full of it. (Yes, that is a bottle of wine in his right hand.)

Watching - with a nice bottle of Poully Fouse

Everything looks better after a nice bottle of Pouilly Fuisse

The shot below is all about the rust.


Not yet rusted


New York vs. Boston (looks like New York is ahead 3 to 1)


Layers Create Intricate Patterns


Old cola crates, anyone?

Returning home, I showed off some of my shots to Jeff. I think he was a little jealous of the photographic treasures I found. I get the sense he might actually join me next year.

Maybe it will be a gal and guy thing next time?


The overcast day made for soft light, which was great for detailed shots… and you know, it’s all about the light.