Have you seen the movie “Jurassic Park”? Do you remember one of the opening scenes when Dr. Grant arrives at Ilsa Nublar and is driving through the large field from the helicopter pad to the main camp? Dr. Grant was in absolute awe of all the dinosaurs roaming free, species that have not roamed the earth for millions of years.  Well today we experienced something similar.  No, we did not see any dinosaurs.  But, as we were driving from the makeshift airstrip to our Safari camp, we did see an amazing list of critters…. Elephants, Topi, Warthogs, Gazelles, Impalas, and Zebras. A Hyena walked just in front of the vehicle and laid down in a puddle. All within the first few minutes .

Impalas checking out a potential threat while Zebras just don't care

Impalas checking out a potential threat while Zebras just don’t care

Zebra Mom and Child

Zebra Mom and Child

We haven’t even done a game drive yet (for those of you who are not safari literate this is the actual drive into the wild). First one coming this afternoon. Stay tuned for our results from this game drive.

And remember, its all about the light!