Just before sunrise, the temple still it as the colors of the sky hint at the sunrise ahead.

The light here in Bagan, especially at sunrise or sunset, is magical. I am not sure if it is the dust in the air, Myanmar’s location near the equator, or maybe all the incense that has burned by the monks over the centuries. But is definitely magical.

During the day, there is a constant haze, what you might see on a very hot day. But at the golden hour, it turns a pinkish gold, truly mystical.

Coupled with this unique light are literally thousands of pagodas across the countryside, a recipe for amazing photography.


Mist, dust or incense?

We looked at capturing the mystical haze, the red orb of the sun and the silhouettes of the temple spires.


Just before sunrise, the large temple in the back is still lit from the night


The rising sun…


An amazing sunset in Bagan


Silhouettes just after sunset.


Just before sunset


Catching the setting sun on top of the temple

Many of the temples are lit at night. Capturing them at twilight, just as they are lit, creates a great focal point

We had the opportunity to shoot a couple sunrises and sunsets, and I couldn’t get enough. I could have easily enjoyed a dozen more.

Since it’s all about the light, what do you think, real or magical?