I just purchased a brand new Epson P800 SureColor printer. This was not an easy decision.  The Epson part was easy. But the model part – not so much. As with any piece of gear, I did a lot of research. Here is my story.

A question you may ask might be, “Jeff, why buy a new printer? The prints you are making now are fantastic!”  Thanks for the compliment! But, there are two reasons to get a new printer. First, it’s getting near winter so I am in Arizona where I do not already have a printer. Shipping our existing one is problematical as it is big, bulky, and a tad fragile. The cost would outweigh the reward. And I “need” a printer in Arizona. I also “need” a new lens and a new camera, but we won’t go there. Second, the printer we have is a great enthusiast level printer. It is time to get with the big boys and have a professional level printer. What comes with a printer of this level? Bigger prints and better ink. Just wait until you see the prints I will produce. Of course you will have to either visit us in Scottsdale or buy one!

Now, back to my story. As with almost anything these days, my research started with reading review after review online. But I was still not sure what to get.  Then I asked the advice of a trusted source – Moose Peterson. He suggested a model, the one he uses. Whew, it’s expensive! I’d never get that by the boss. So I paused my search, no closer to a decision that when I started. I’d have to wait until our trip to Photoshop World in Las Vegas. Surely there will be someone there that can help me.

The following kind of happened – sort of (remember what goes on in Vegas…). I was walking the hallways of Mandalay Bay. If you know the Mandalay – it is huge! To spot anyone you know there would be quite rare. However, lady luck was in my corner that day. I spotted this guy walking quickly down the corridor, cell phone in hand and a purposeful look in his eyes. “Hey, I know you,” I said to him as I blocked his way. It could be said that I accosted him and that wouldn’t be far from the truth.  I had seen this man on a printing video, an expert in Epson and Epson products. Surely he can help me select the best printer for me! We talked for a few moments about printers and paper when I noticed he was a bit fidgety. Had I interrupted something important? I didn’t really care, I am a New Yorker and I needed answers.

After another moment, he said,”listen bub, gimme a break, I gots to go to duh bathroom. capisce?” Well, he didn’t really say that but he did really have to go. So, we agreed to meet at the Epson booth where he would help me choose. Cool! Later on, after a detailed demo, I settled on the newly released Epson P800. It is larger than the one I have and uses advanced inks. But there was still a big problem…

This was August…  We weren’t going to Arizona until the end of October.  I had to wait as it made no sense to buy it in Massachusetts just to have to ship it to Arizona. If any of you know me, waiting to buy something is just not in my DNA.  I wanted it now, and I am a New Yorker!

But I waited. And waited. I had to “suffer” through a Mediterranean cruise in early October. Then I waited some more. Finally, we made it Arizona and I ordered the printer (actually I ordered it the weekend before so it would arrive just as we did – smart planning, eh?).

UPS showed up at our doorstep with printer in hand. Without waiting a moment I set it up and began to print.

Here she is all ready to print.

Here she is all ready to print.

Initial results? Superb. I used it to print (and sell) a Black & White Lion photo to a new friend I met on our cruise. You want to see it? As I mentioned before, just visit or buy one! 🙂

Remember, its all about the light!