There are places on this planet, surprisingly in the United States, that can look like you are in another world. Unfortunately, the charm is quickly erased when tourists are walking around, climbing on the rocks, and taking selfies. To our unbounded joy, we have not experienced this during our current trip. We have been completely alone.  Take a look at what I found as my mind started to wander with otherworldly thoughts in these otherworldly places.

I began my journey walking aimlessly when I started to think that if I were an alien it would be an interesting place to find a woman. I don’t know why this popped into my mind. And I certainly should not mention this to my wife, Kathryn. Talk about ruining the rest of our trip. Then lo and behold there she was, a beautiful siren, sitting atop one of a quarry of domed rocks. Her sweet melody drawing me ever closer. I took a quick look around to see if I could spot Kathryn. She was nowhere to be found, seeking a man, I suppose. This place has a way of messing with your mind. As I got closer, I noticed what I had hoped for deep in my soul, it was Kathryn sitting on a domed rock. We both got what we were seeking. What a mysterious place this is.

With great relief the siren is my wife!

Feeling good I continued my trek. I spotted something green in the distance, sea green or maybe a pea green color. Why would there be sea green in a large remote canyon in the desert? Could it be transported from another planet? What planet has green rocks? Where are the tiny green aliens from? Most likely from Mars, or perhaps Venus? I shook my head clear and made my way toward the greenness in the distance. As I got closer there was no doubt I am on what seems like another planet.

Could this perhaps be a pathway to their home world?

It seems like these are roof tops for alien homes.

I took that pathway into the green abyss. Instead of anything sinister I was transported into a yet another world that was unalike where I had just been. It looked to me like a home for craggy rock creatures. I started to walk toward a few, perhaps a family, when I felt something tugging my hiking boot. I looked down to see what looked like a petrified finger reach up from the dirt, wrap itself around my boot, forcing me to fall. I had my camera and tripod in my hand as I lost my balance, tumbling to the rocky earth. All I could think was to protect my camera at all costs. I lifted it as high as I could as my knees, then chest, then face planted in the ground. I looked around not seeing anyone but my rocky friends. Though battered and bruised my camera survived, allowing me to grab a few photos of these secretive creatures.

A family of rock creatures who watched my ignominious face plant. Could they be laughing? Hard to tell.

In the thick of a city of these creatures.

I found Kathryn swallowed up by this rock monster. It’s time to go home.

What a great and interesting world we live in, most enjoyed when we are alone in nature with only our mind as company.


First set of photos taken southern Utah at a remote and secret place. The second set of photos taken at Mono Lake in California. The rock creatures are called Tufas. The last image was captured in the Alabama Hills, CA.