You may have noticed that we have not posted for a while. We could say that we’ve been busy – heck, we moved and that counts, doesn’t it?

But alas, that is not the reason. Instead, it was Jeff ’s sore foot that turned out to be a stress fracture. Good news, after four weeks, he’s out of the boot and walking again! Of course, now that he’s mobile, I’m not going to let an opportunity go by to get out and shoot with my partner.

And it’s daffodil time at Tower Hill Botanical Garden where they offer a field of thousands of Daffodils to celebrate spring.

Enjoy a few photos from our recent outing and let us know, “What does your spring looks like?”


Not only were the daffodils in bloom, but many of the trees as well


Fields of daffodils – amazing color


Soaking up the Sunshine


Bleeding hearts glowing in the morning light


Alone in the garden