Penguins are a fascinating and comical species. Over the past two weeks, I have had the good fortune to observe them on the Antarctic peninsula and the Falkland Islands. Time after time they made me laugh with their antics and goofy expressions. Hopefully this set of photos will put a smile on your face. I have included a caption for each photo that will help you interpret what you are seeing.

Their teenagers are just as melodramatic as ours.

They have intricate road systems but are terrible drivers.

Some ride motorcycles to get around town.

Diplomacy is rarely used during interspecies negotiations (Adelie on the left, gentoo on the right).

A penguin identity crisis, they try walking on water.

Sometimes they lack purpose in life so they try being porpoises.

With delusions of grandeur, the King Penguin, looking like his arms are behind his back, takes a kingly stroll.

Some penguins like to vacation at the beach.

And, every four years or so they participate in the Penguin Olympics. This is the 10 meter pebble race.

What do you think? Do penguins have a lot of character?