Resfeber (Swedish)

The restless race of the traveller’s heart before the journey begins, when anxiety and anticipation are tangled together. A travel ‘fever’ that can manifest as an illness.

Approaching storm over the Grand Canyon – a mix of awe and apprehension

It is “D minus 3”. Three days until we departure on our next adventure. We are excited to hit the road again, but anxious. I have “resfeber” in a big way.  

How does I pack for a 5 week cross country road trip? There are piles of clothes, toiletries, groceries, camera gear all over the place. All waiting for one further round of refinement before being dumped into their respective suitcase. Add to that the need to finish up work projects, run errands, grocery shopping, and of course, some last minute purchases for things we may need (okay, it’s an excuse to go clothes shopping at REI).

Wanderlust is what bit Jeff in a big way last year after traveling the world (Asia, Canada, Europe and Alaska). So much so, that we sold our home this spring in favor of a condo to support a “lock and leave” lifestyle.  We wanted the freedom to travel and enjoy the experiences the world has to offer… while we still can. 

A friend wrote that we either have wings or roots.  She concluded she has roots. I am envious of her. The comfort of friends and family in places you enjoy. But I am not sure I would trade it for the experiences I’ve been gifted — that of watching the sunset over the temples in Bagan, or watching the first light of the sunrise give a golden halo around a Lion’s mane on the Maisai Mara, or watching a brown bear catch his first salmon of the season in the wilderness of Alaska. Some of our newer friends are in Cambodia, Kenya, England and Kentucky and I can’t wait to see them again.

I am pushed out of my comfort zone (way out), but the experiences of other cultures, meeting new people, and often spectacular scenery are enough to keep me going.

Ask me again after this 7000 mile road trip.

Stay tuned for articles on our adventures. We appreciate you traveling along.