As landscape photographers, we live for sunrises and sunsets.  The big problem with sunrises is getting out of bed real early, especially when it gets cold.  With sunsets, this is not a problem as the timing is much better (we are already awake). But it usually interferes with dinner.  I’d much rather a late dinner than less sleep.

Anyway, we were in Yosemite for five sunsets, culminating with a spectacular one at Glacier Point. However, we almost didn’t make it out to Glacier Point as the park closes the access road to Glacier Point at the first sign of snow.  After driving the 16 mile road, I can certainly see why.  Just a week before we arrived at Yosemite, there was a good-sized snowstorm facilitating the closure of the access road until spring.  Kassie was quite disappointed as she wanted to revisit the point after a 30 year hiatus.  It was all she talked about (well, not quite all, but it seemed so!). Luckily the weather warmed quite a bit (70 degree days!) and the park decided to reopen the access road.  From what we hear, this is a very rare occurrence.

So, why am I going on and on about Glacier Point?  Well, it is considered the top view at Yosemite.  And, boy it did not disappoint!  Below are a couple of photos, the first from Tunnel View (probably the second best viewpoint) and the second from Glacier Point (definitely the best viewpoint).

The famous "El Capitan" from Tunnel View at sunset.

The famous “El Capitan” from Tunnel View at sunset.

Half Dome from Glacier Point. Did you know that rock climbers scale the face?

Half Dome from Glacier Point. Did you know that rock climbers scale the face?

Pretty nice, huh?  And, remember, its all about the light.