Recently, Kathryn and I were invited to join the board of WorldPix. WorldPix is a photography based charity that believes the beauty of a country is one of its key assets. The charity is focused on channeling the revenue created from selling beautiful fine art prints back to the country from which the photo was taken. The initial focus is on women and children in Africa. We are thrilled to be involved with this charity, and especially thrilled to have our photos help people of need around the world.

This week Dr. Paul Lynch along with Ryan Plakonouris (the two co-founders) are in Africa visiting three WorldPix supported causes. At each visit, Paul and Ryan are making a donation on behalf of WorldPix AND donating a large framed photograph. The first visit was to the “Sibahle Community Project” where Paul and Ryan laid out all three photographs and had the leader of the cause pick the photo they wanted. My photo of “Pride Up Close” was selected! I only wish I was there to present it.

This image will he seen by community members visiting the clinic.

This image will he seen by community members visiting the clinic. Paul Lynch with his son Alex are holding up the photo.

We are very proud of our involvement with WorldPix and hope to provide many more photos to causes and donors around the world.

Please check out the WorldPix website and, if interested, follow WorldPix on Facebook or signup on the WorldPix email list to be notified of new events and activities.