Our guide, Nicholas Tinelli, knows how to set up a tango photo shoot. First, and most importantly, he obtained the services of Mirisol & Facundo, sultry dancers extraordinaire. Second, he selected a setting that is both beautiful and full of historical significance, the La Boca area of Buenos Aires. This is the home of tango dancing and contains streets of brightly colored buildings, store fronts, and homes. Third and lastly, he had photographers trained in the nuances of dance moves, able to take advantage of the situation to produce excellent photos. OK, maybe I went a bit far with this.

We started early in the morning before the bars and stores open. With only 90 minutes for the photo shoot, we said a quick hello and got started. Our first location was along one of the colorful streets, a beautiful setting but it can get quite busy. We would have to time our photos when tourists were out of the way, not an easy feat.

Waiting for a dumb tourist to move is frustrating. Hey, I am a dumb tourist.

Next, we picked a place without pesky and inquisitive tourists, up against the outside of a building. The blue and red of the building complemented the beautiful dress of Mirisol.

The colors are amazing.

We tried a yellow and red wall which I did not like much. Mirisol and Facundi did not seem to care, happy to dance and pose anywhere.

The yellow seemed to clash but the pose was great.

Mirisol then left us for a bit to change into another outfit, more suggestive than her first. Facundi knows he looks good in black, no need to change. We found a door frame that represents the art of Le Boca. Inside the frame it was easy for them to pose in a sensual position.

They are too hot to handle.

We tried another blue wall, just enough room for our dancers to kneel.

Take a look at all the photos, doesn’t Facundi look just like Mark Cuban – an almost perfect doppelganger.

We took hundreds and hundreds of photos, our trigger finger tired, our time just about up. Mirisol was glad to show off her legs for some tight photos. I had to stand on some train tracks to be able to take this photo.

A nice tight shot for something different.

Time had run out. I ran around the fence, found a hole large enough to stick my lens through, and asked for one final pose.

I’m telling you, Mark Cuban.

Goodbyes were said, hugs all around. As we all walked away, we crossed another set of train tracks. Mirisol looked at me, I at Facundi, then they smiled to each other. They dropped their belongings and hopped into a bonus pose for us.  Could be my favorite.

The flower petals make a great accent.

What a morning!

Tango dancing originated in the 1880s along the border of Argentina and Uruguay in a small part of Buenos Aires called Le Boca. Tango dancing is not for everyone with its suggestive moves with intense feelings. It is not something I have ever tried, and with my dancing acumen, I never will. But, while we are in Argentina and in Buenos Aires, why not visit La Boca and check it out. We did and we loved it.

Nicholas Tinelli (on the left) led us on a fabulous tour off Buenos Aires. All of us are happy with the photo shoot.