Have you ever trained a butterfly?

And if you did, what would you have them do? They really can’t bark or roll over or fetch your slippers. This was my dilemma the other day at Phoenix Botanical Gardens. There were so many butterflies doing what they do best – fly. As a photographer wanting to take pictures of them, I decided I needed to train them to sit or stay. So, how does one make a butterfly stay?

I tried a whip and chair which resulted in butterfly indifference. I then tried enticing them with small fish, which did not impress. I noodled this for quite awhile when I realized all I had to do was ask.

These two were quite cooperative.

2014-03-02 Botanical Gardens-294

And, they were kind enough to pose for this shot:

2014-03-02 Botanical Gardens-230

I guess the White Peacock is the smartest butterfly (sorry Monarch).

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