Yangon has been the capital city of Myanmar for many years where it is home to more than 6 million people, with just about as many cars. Unfortunately, the roads were designed for 1/10 as many.  You got it, Traffic!

We braved this traffic to visit the largest Buddha in Myanmar as our first stop on our trip, the Great Reclining Buddha at Chaukhtatgyi Temple.  I have to admit that I am woefully ignorant when it comes to Buddhism. So, my first question I am posing is, “wasn’t Buddha a male?” The Great and Reclining Buddha was certainly large. But also quite pretty, with his/her long eyelashes, toenails and fingernails painted pink, and lips of ruby red.


Note the soles of the feet. We must be barefooted while he gets to wear cool runners.


Note the eyelashes

Note the eyelashes and painted fingernails.

As with any temple, this one comes with praying areas where Buddhists can kneel in front of the Great Buddha and pray. Again, I am quite ignorant about Buddhism, but I had always thought that it is an ancient religion, steeped in tradition.  I wonder what Buddha thinks about this novice monk taking a picture with his iPhone?

Novice Monk with iPhone

Novice Monk with iPhone – you don’t see this every day.

After maybe 30 minutes, we decided it was time to move on to our next adventure.  On our way out, just after we collected our shoes, we came across this more senior monk. He agreed to a photograph or two.  Maybe he was a little unhappy with his novice monk? Maybe not.

Very nice man.

Very nice man.

On to the Shwedagon Pagada. Stay tuned.

Remember, its all about the light.