After missing the sunrise on the first morning, and loving the “Lights of Las Vegas“, I was hungry to shoot more.

Awake early the next morning, I peaked out the curtains to see the pink sky of the predawn light on the horizon.  Excited to be able to shoot the morning light, I left Jeff in bed (believe it or not he didn’t pack his camera), jumped into the pile of clothes on the floor, grabbed the camera and headed to the roof top bar. My goal was to shoot the sunrise as it burst across the city.

28 floors and two elevators later,  I rushed around the corner to find a gate across the hall in front me.  It was  propped up as if someone had mopped the floor, but there were no “wet floor” signs. Enticed by the rose colored sky coming through the door window, I skirted the gate ….BUT the door would not open. Okay, I needed my guest key for access, “YELLOW”. Dumbfounded, I realized the door was locked for guest access until 7am.  Sunrise was in 10 minutes at 6:50am. (What bar in Vegas closes at night?). Stepping back around the gate, I nearly collided with, who else, but another photographer who had burst around the corner with the same idea. We sized up each others equipment, yes, photographers do that too! Mine was bigger than his, and he sheepishly turned away.

Dead ended on the roof, we headed to the street to see what morning light we might be able to capture.


A glimpse of how spectacular the photography could have been from the hotel roof.


Morning Light on the Harley


City Lights at the Street Level. Note, they are open 24/7.

As for city lights, I would just have to settle for last nights cityscape photos from the rooftop bar.