The Restroom

After 5 cups of coffee and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice (much more potent than the juice from concentrate), I had some primal urges that needed satisfying. Add to that a 45 minute ride on a bus. Luckily our tour guide had a lot of coffee too. She had our tour bus stop at a highway rest stop that is known for its restrooms. I won’t comment on that.

Upon arriving, we were confronted by an old crab of a lady who spoke no English. She was all of 4′ 11″ and 180 pounds of bustle and bristle with a large mop in hand. I tried entering the men’s room but she blocked my way, which I thought quite rude. Using all my civility, I tried to get through. But, she would have none of that. We then argued, me in my NY guttural, she in her subterranean Italian. I quickly came to realize that there was not going to be any passage for me or the other needy males from the bus. Knowing I was keeping the crab lady busy, the guy behind me decided on a different tact by opening the door to the handicapped restroom. The old crab of a lady darted by me and crabhandled my compatriot, slamming and locking the door in one swift motion. What did she do before she cleaned bathrooms?

A New Room

There was no entry to the men’s room nor the handicapped room. Now what? The old crab of a lady pointed to the woman’s room. I shook my head, there were women already in there. And, of course,  a long line. Maybe when I was a teenager this might have been a treat, but now, there were only aging ladies. Ugh. She pointed again, this time with the hair on her neck raised. It was down to my bladder or my pride. The older I get, the more the bladder wins. I bowed my head and entered into the forbidden zone. I don’t know what I expected but this was nothing I had ever imagined. It was just as disgusting as a men’s room. Jeeze, women are no cleaner than men. I couldn’t have guessed.

We made it to Lucca, a town filled with old buildings, churches, and coffee shops. Sounds like any town in Italy. The sun was high. So was the humidity, making it a challenging day for photography.

Many roads in Lucca did not allow cars. This leaves bicycles as the best way to get around.

Another bicycle scene for you.

This is a typical facade / door / window in Lucca.

A lot of great, old buildings in Lucca.

On our way back from Lucca our guide again offered to stop at a rest stop. All the guys chose to hold their bladders. Smart choice.

Remember, it’s all about the light.