Two things that stand out from Dubrovnik – the polished white stone of the streets and walkways, and the beautiful terra-cotta tile roofs. Of course, the best way to see the roofs is from above. And on top of the Old City Walls is a walkway for just this purpose.



Polished White Stone Streets of Dubrovnik

If you have traveled with me, you know that I am always in search of the best view, and in most cases this means climbing up… whether it be a mountain or a city monument… Up is where I lead (or drag) my companions.

Jeff knew this before he married me, as we traveled to the Canadian Rockies for a hiking trip, but as we also know, love can be a bit blind. He has been paying his dues ever since.

So when we arrived at Dubrovnik, I had prepped him that we’d walk the path on top of the walls (and fortunately he’d also read a photography guide that suggested the same thing). Thus, I was off the hook (a bit) for suggesting it as it wasn’t just me out to torture him, but instead he might actually have a good photo opportunity. And as we know, that is becoming a great way to bribe him for some of our (my) adventures.

The one thing neither of us anticipated is that once you are on top of the wall, the walls are not even, but rather go up and down as you circle the city… great city views at the price of lots and lots of stairs.


A view of the Main Square as we began our climb up the wall


Beautiful Tiles –  A view from the top of the wall near the harbor gate


View from the highest point of the wall. Note how it winds around on the right, down and up in the distance.


Terra-cotta, and in the distance our ship to the left of the island.

Let us know if you think the effort was worth it ….

And yes, the overcast skies, made for better light for shooting, and as you know, it’s all about the light.