At Sitka, the final port on our cruise, we were blessed with sunshine and 60 degree temperatures. It doesn’t get any better than this in Alaska. Not trusting the weather in advance, we opted to not book a tour, but instead had planned to just enjoy walking around town. 

Arriving in Sitka

Arriving in Sitka – Mt Edgecumbe (dormant volcano) in the background 

As we walked along the waterfront, enjoying the harbor and the wildflowers adjacent to the path, we passed an elderly couple. They were bundled in their sweaters moving slowly along, walking hand-in-hand. “Welcome to Sitka”, the lady said as a big smile cut across the wrinkles. “We hope you enjoy your visit,” she added. 

“Thank you,” I responded as we passed.  We had heard the people in Alaska were as “nice as the weather.” What would winter be like?

Just ahead, we found some more wildflowers to shoot.

Wild flowers

Wild flowers

During the time we stopped, the couple had passed us on the path. As we passed them again we heard, “Welcome to Sitka, we hope you enjoy your visit.” I turned and smiled, mentioning to her that with our photography we were much slower than they. 

We walked out to a point on the harbor and looked back over the boats.

Sitka Harbor

Picture perfect day at Sitka Harbor

Getting back on the path, we passed the same couple again, still holding hands. “Welcome to Sitka, we hope you enjoy your visit,” she chirped again. We smiled again. I’m pretty sure there was no recognition in her eyes. I think their job is to walk up and down the street welcoming anyone that comes there way.

We set off to the totem pole park, a beautiful walk through the cool woods with views out to the mountains.

The mountains of Alaska finally show themselves.

The mountains of Alaska finally show themselves.

Cutting back through town on our way to the Raptor Center, we passed the old couple, yet again, and heard, “Welcome to Sitka, we hope you enjoy your visit.” I wonder if they logged that they welcomed four photographer-couples. The travel bureau will be pleased.

Off to the raptor center.

photo of bald eagle

Not having Jeff’s camera, I was finally able to capture a photo of bald eagle. (Never mind he was in rehab and couldn’t fly)

A neighbor of baldy… he gave me quite a look.

I was sure he was going to say, “Welcome to Sitka”

Later that afternoon, on our way back to our ship, we again passed the elderly couple, “Welcome to Sitka, we hope you enjoy your visit.” 

Sitka’s two person welcoming committee was still going strong, and we indeed felt welcome.

It’s all about the light, and we finally had some of the sunshine kind.