For days we have been walking by a lot of Cereus Cacti waiting for the beautiful “Argentine Giant” blooms. Nearby, the local hospital (Mayo Clinic) has many plantings, all of which have many buds. Lately, these buds have looked like they are about to burst. Unlike most of the desert cacti, these bloom at night. So, dutifully, each morning we head out in hopes of viewing and photographing the wonderful Argentine Giant. And, each morning we head home just a bit disappointed.

Then April 4 arrived.  With white snow falling in New England, the spectacular Argentine Giant decided to show itself. We arrived at the Mayo Clinic early, just before they were to open. Not only was there an Argentine Giant to see, there were many. Every Cereus Cactus was in bloom and every bud was open.  It was like clockwork and really quite strange. As soon as April 4 arrived, they all decided it was time to bloom.  Every one of them. I’m now wondering if this is some scientific phenomena that we were witness to. I’ll be asking our family Botanist/Plant Biologist about this.

So, I am proclaiming April 4 as Cereus White Bloom day!  Enjoy.


The blossoms only last a little while, shriveling up by noon. Timing is everything.



These cacti bloom at night with blossoms of 8 inches in diameter or more.



Even the back of the blossom is beautiful.



And, remember, it’s all about the light!