Ah, Venice…   if you have been, you know. If you haven’t been, you should plan to go.

As I write, the bells throughout Venice are ringing; it is 6pm. From the window of our hotel room I can gaze across the terracotta rooftops. There is a romance here, something special in the air.

The man from the market this morning said, “Peace and love in Venice”.

Venice is quiet canals, gondolas, open markets, hand blown glass, stunning hand painted ceramic masks, black ink pasta and centuries of history.

We have been here 2 days and walked close to 20 miles through narrow alleyways, through open markets, along numerous canals and over many bridges (there are over 400 of them).

Here’s a bit of our experience in photos…

Traditional Black Ink Pasta

Traditional Black Ink Pasta, and it’s good!



Early Morning at the Fish Market

Early Morning at the Fish Market


Swordfish anyone?


Fruit & Vegetables (don’t mind the cigarette)


NIKON D800E, f7.1, 1/320”, ISO 100, 70mm, AUTO1

Gondola on the Grand Canal, complete with barbershop-like striped mooring poles, called, “briccole”


A Gondola Ride


Typical Gondolier manuever – kicking off the wall


Quiet Venezian Canal



Yes, another beautiful, peaceful canal



Love is in the air…


Venetian Mask Shop at Night












What do you think of when you hear “Venice” or as the Italians say, “Venezia”?

And wouldn’t you say it’s all about the light?