A penguin does what a penguin does. But what does a penguin do? A penguin does what it wants to, when it wants to, here in Antarctica.

Where does a penguin live? They live in colonies that can suffer the same overcrowding as can be in our cities. They often need to get away for some alone time, getting away from the pressures of everyday penguin life.

The colonies can get congested, penguins fighting for prime real estate.

Talk about getting away from it all!

Where do penguins go on vacation? They chill on icebergs, large and small. They jump off into the frigid Antarctic waters.

A great vacation spot, an island in the sea.

Vacation is over, time to get back to work.

At some point they find a mate, coupling up.

Two Adelies finding true happiness – the male on the right does not seem so sure.

Two Chinstraps out on a date.

How are penguins in the workplace? They are confident, unafraid to look you in the eye. Showing excellent leadership abilities.

They are terrified of seals, but not humans.

Attempting to lead a team meeting.

What else do they do for fun? They are natural comedians, mimicking porpoises and each other.

They are natural mimes.

They love to mimic the porpoise.

After a rough day of hanging out on icebergs, mimicking anything that come along, they work up quite an appetite and come running when called. Dinnertime!

Come and get it!

We watched these and other penguins for hours at a time. They were always good for a laugh!