On this return trip to Antarctica, I was focused on photographing more penguins, and more ice. This was not a whole lot different than my goals for my first visit. In fact, it was very much the same. However, visiting earlier in the Antarctic season meant that I had a higher probability of capturing the images I had envisioned from the start.  

Jeff shared with you some of our penguin encounters in Penguin Antics .

And you already had the chance to see The Largest Iceberg, A23a.  Now, I was focused on a couple of “ice” themes. themes that would help capture the beauty of the ice in Antarctica. 

(1)  Large isolated icebergs

I could not get enough of the beautiful variations of blue. 

(2) Icebergs with reflections

Capturing icebergs with their reflections is not an easy feat considering most of the time there is a breeze if not a gusty wind.

Another challenge is the ripples created by the Zodiac.

(3) Icebergs with context

Icebergs clog the channel. Fortunately our Zodiac was able to go around to view the ice on the other side.

(4) Icebergs with color and texture

Icebergs lined up in the Iceberg Graveyard

(4) Icebergs with wildlife

It’s hard not to capture a little bit of the wildlife

A humpback surfaces in the icy bay

Penguins hangout on an iceberg admiring the beauty around them

Now that we are wrapping up our trip, I am grateful we were able to return. It was amazing again. The Antarctic region is a precious resource. It is truly special, and I have fallen in love with it.  I am hoping that we can return again in the near future.

I hope you enjoyed the photos from our return visit as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you.